We are live bee removers, we humanely remove and relocate feral bees in hive boxes and either give them to other local beekeepers or keep them for ourselves (mostly for ourselves). The bees are allowed to continue helping our environment, producing honey and continuing the health of overall honey bee population. The process in extracting them is complicated and using specialized and custom equipment we safely vacuum the bees right into the hive boxes, joining them with the cut and framed comb removed from the cavity they were colonizing.

All the hive products- the honey, brood comb and bee bread- is carefully removed from the cavity and the void is excluded from returning bees and re-infestation. This is important, as many pest control operators will simply kill the bees with spray or powder and leave the hive materials to rot, attracting others pests or even bee swarms months later. The best way to prevent returning bee infestations is to entirely remove all hive materials and ensure they can't get back in. 

Soon to be offering the LA Garden Hive!

We can even send photos of your bee's new home after everything is done! At Sweet Bee we take great pride in the care and completeness we apply to our work and customer satisfaction is the goal.