So a bunch of bees just showed up? Don’t worry, we’ve got this, read on:

Bee swarms, while alarming, are actually quite safe. They are no danger to you unless they are disturbed. You can safely view them from a short distance and they will ignore you. A honeybee swarm wait in a location until, and if, they can find a new home. This home will usually be a short distance away- either your property or your neighbors. If they don’t manage to find a home they will eventually build in place. Paid rescue and relocation is the best option for everyone; you relocate local bees to somewhere safe and they won’t set up a hive in your walls or trees to continue to populate the neighborhood. Rescuing a swarm ensures that you won’t have to pay much more later to have them extracted, and also means one of your neighbors won’t kill them when they move into their house. Everyone loves the idea of bees until a hive is living in the walls.

You may have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder and horrible losses to commercial beekeeping operations. This is a problem nationally, but bees in LA are doing very well. In fact, their potential to stay healthy despite stress is why I am so interested in them. I want to know why our bees are doing so well, and perhaps improve bees nationwide.

The best way to do this is to get my hands as many bees as I can and improve their health. You can help by having your bees ethically, safely rescued. Live bee removal isn't easy or fast, it takes a level of skill that exterminators don't have. To care for bees requires a professional that loves bees, that's why I remove them with the utmost caution. I will never offer to kill bees, smoke them out or otherwise "seal them in", all my procedures ensure the safe survival of our bees. I don't suck bees into a bucket vacuum and then dump them somewhere, like my competitors. I either keep them or ensure their proper, safe transition to another practicing beekeeper. This is something many of my fellow "live" bee removers can't promise or demonstrate.

If you want more understanding of my procedure or ethics, I do adhere to the "Live Bee Removal/Relocation Best Practices", and I am truly a beekeeper. You are welcome to ask questions and take pictures, I love talking about bees. 

I offer removal estimates free of charge and price competitively so call for an appointment. Often I provide advice and details over the phone for free, so it can't hurt to call. I hope I can help you soon.